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Monday, January 28, 2013

Learned something new.. thought I would share!

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I hope y'all had a great weekend?! 
Before we get started, I thought I would share with y'all the fact that not only was there no winner to the Cute Valentine Teddy Bear giveaway, but no one even signed up! OUCH, did that hurt my pride a bit. 
But I'm not one to complain, I just wanted to let y'all know what happened and why there was nothing more said on the subject. I thought I would try doing giveaways on my craft blog, since they had been so successful on my personal blog in the past. Guess I was wrong. Oh well.. :-(

Recently, I made some miniature Polymer clay St. Patrick's Day Green Beer mug charms for necklaces, earrings, doll house or just to collect. Here's the Green beer mugs. 

St. Patrick's Day Green Beer mug miniatures, necklace charms, earrings or doll house miniatures- 100% handmade

I also made October Fest Beer mugs and Root Beer float mugs
October fest Beer mug miniatures, necklace charms, earrings or doll house miniatures- 100% handmade                 Root Beer float mug miniatures, necklace charms, earrings or doll house miniatures- 100% handmade

And once they were all made,  I got to thinking.. "Wouldn't it be awesome if I could some how scent the Root Beer float?" 

Went on Google and found several links of course. The first link I came to, I recognized the name. This particular artist I've been a fan of her work for a few years, but I have never seen this tutorial of hers.  She's amazing, accomplished and has been published many times. This artist that posted a tutorial on Deviant art, Her shop name is "Monster Kookies". She's posted this "The Secret Scent; How to Scent Polymer clay"

I also found an artist by the name of Toni Ellison, who gave a tutorial on Youtube. It's called "How to make scented oil for Polymer clay, candles and soaps"  Found another artist shop of "Tiny Hands online" who does nothing but Scented Polymer clay jewelry. And last but certainly not least there's "Cute-N-Sweet Cafe" on Etsy. 

Now, just as Kookie of Monster Kookies stated at the end of her tutorial, (The first listed above) she's not sure where this originated and obviously, either do I, since I have just stumbled on it. But nonetheless, I wanted to give credit where credit is due! All these ladies do such amazing work! 

WOOHOO!!! I couldn't wait to get back into the studio and start on making more Root Beer floats! I settled on the technique by Toni Ellison, using flavored extract and odorless oils. 

The photo of the Root Beer float above is scented with Root Beer extract and smells so yummy! Of course, the video tells how to make "Birthday cake" but the process is the same with any flavor. I was so thrilled! 

Next, I think I'm going to try the "Birthday cake" tutorial Toni gives and see how awesome that turns out! 

Special thanks to Kimberly Hart (Monster Kookies), Toni Ellison, Mei Pak (Tiny Hands online) and Nikki Buchicchino (Cute-N-Sweet Cafe) for being so generous and sharing their tutorials with us! 

Hey, thanks for stopping in and I hope y'all have a great day!
 Please be sure to stop in and say hello to the talented artists listed above, if you get a minute.


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