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Monday, October 22, 2012

ABC Workbooks review

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So, are you an artist or crafter? You enjoy creating fun things for friends and family, then someone has said to you those 4 magic words.. "You should sell this" !?  
Oh sure, you've been thinking about it for a long time, wondering where and how you would even begin to start selling your work, then like some of the artist and crafters I have run across.. it was just too overwhelming, so they slowed down or stopped all together, only to realize they were giving up something they really loved doing! 

Well, here's your chance to start fresh, learn the ropes and get out of your comfort zone to sell your craft, online! 

Look no further.. you aren't alone, with the Artsy Biz Chick at your side each step of the way, that task of selling the craft you love, won't be so overwhelming after all!

With these 5 very informative ABC Workbooks, you are able to follow along at your own pace while you learn everything you need, to get started.

The Artsy Biz Chick workbooks will help you cut out the "learning time" that I spent looking for tools and tips to build my art biz on a small budget. You'll save hours, days and even weeks of effort and keep you in your studio, which is where you really want to be.  And finally, it will show you how you can have a successful art business by working smarter, 
not harder." 

The workbooks you will receive are:

 What a fantastic offer and let me tell you, it's worth it! 

At such a wonderful price, the set of workbooks normally goes for $19.95 but right now, for the bundle you will only pay..  $14.95 for the entire bundle of 5 workbooks!

 With each workbook you get:

A manual written with the 'newbie' in mind, FULL of 
practical tools and tips to start selling online right away,
even on a small budget.
 Easy checklists to help you complete your tasks.
A bonus chapter entitled 'Selling Your Art', which lists
the top online shops and galleries.
There are over 50 pages of practical info a
a BONUS 'Tools And Resources' package
(over 50 online tools that are
free or almost free!).

As soon as I received my workbooks, I dove right in on the first one, Website DIY. Now, I'll be honest with you, I was half expecting this workbook to be filled with all that technical computer lingo that normally goes right over my head, but not with this book! The terminology was so easy to understand and follow. I felt as though I already had enough for customers to follow, with a blog, online store and Facebook page. But as I was reading through this workbook, I created a "mock website" just to see if it was really as easy as the book claimed. I'm really happy to say.. Yes, the instructions were so easy to follow that I'm now considering keeping that 'mock website' and using it along side of my other site. 

And as an added bonus, at the end of each workbook there is a check list of the things you have covered in the workbook! 
I'm tellin' y'all... these workbooks practically do all the work for you!

The next workbook was Your Blog, voice behind the artist
In this workbook you can learn the right way to create and maintain a blog. The correct ways to write each blog post and most importantly, the best way to get your product or craft noticed by all! And lets face it, we all want the viewers to our blogs to stay entertained and look forward to reading more about us, don't we?!

So, now that you feel as though you have a handle on those two things.. it's time to Get Social; Tweet Your Way to Profits. 
Really, no matter which social platform you choose to use, this workbook is a fantastic way to learn the importance of social networking etiquette!
Tells you that one of the most visible places to network right now, is... my favorite.. Pinterest! I have found that Pinterest is the best place to get noticed! 

Now that you have these three workbooks mastered, it's time for you to do some Marketing Your Art: The (Not so) Scary Side of Business. 
This workbook takes you through all the great ways to market your art, as the title says! It's really amazing how detailed this set of 5 workbooks are, they have really opened my eyes on ways to market my jewelry. The books will help you as well! 

Which brings us to the last of the 5 book series, Other Streams of INCome

This workbook takes us through all the great tools that have been at our fingertips (literally) and we might not have taken advantage of them yet. I'm talking about Google Adsense and other things such as becoming an affiliate. This workbook is chock-full of all different types income related products. Before reading this workbook, I only knew of and used Google Adsense, but now that I know that there are many others out there, I'm able to make a choice on what's right for my shop!

With each workbook you start on, there are easy to follow directions, 
If you are struggling and haven't been getting those sales you've expected.. perhaps it's time to take the next step and look in other areas. One of those areas should be with these fabulous workbooks! Go and purchase you a set! They are called ABC Workbooks by Artsy Biz Chick! 

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A warm thank you to the Artsy Biz Chick for this opportunity! 

Disclaimer: Cindy (Cobalt Moon Jewelry) has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Cindy did receive a free product to try out so she could evaluate and use it for her review. Her thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest. Your opinions may differ. 

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