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Monday, August 6, 2012

This week in clay table news...

This week in clay table news…

This is a new weekly feature that will be running, letting y'all know what goes on in my day to day life, creating things, sculpting and just plain ole’ smooshing of Polymer clay, cause lets face it.. if you’ve done anything with earthen clay or Polymer clay… it’s so much fun! :-)

Let's dive right in, shall we? 

I had been feeling a bit.. cramped in the space I've created for myself, so over the Summer, I took everything out of the clay room and started over. I wish I had thought of a before photo, but you can view the after photos here on my previous blog post. I even started to take a look at my Facebook page, taking new photos of the items I have for sale in my Artfire shop, just a general "clean-up" of my creative outlet! 

It started with the face lift of my jewelry logo and shop sign, I found an amazingly talented woman who does this for a living! Debbie-Anne Parent with Ephmera's Vintage Garden (Vintage Printables Prints and More). For those of you that were following my previous blog Purple Froggie's Clay & Stuff, I did an artist feature on Mrs. Parent. I was so pleased, not only with the level of service I received (cause I was kind of picky) but her attention to detail and the patience she had with me. We came up with a one of a kind banner that you see on this blog and everything else that ties into my jewelry business! 

So, now.. with all that behind me, I can get back to claying! 

That's all we have for this week, stop in tomorrow where you can view the newest items I've listed in my shop! 

And coming up on August 28th, you can see the first of yet another change in the line-up. Yeppers, I'm bringing back the featured artist.. but it's a bit different.. so stay tuned to find out more! 

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping to say hello! 

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