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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hi y'all !

Hello and welcome! 

Let me fill y'all in on what's been going on with me this summer. I have been very busy, getting my shop enhanced, cleaning up photos, taking more photos, making more jewelry and not to mention selling more.. it's been fantastic! 

Of course, I can't take all the credit for these new additions and changes! I have been reading a blog that helps one with selling their art online! 

I'm tellin' y'all... this woman knows her stuff! Not only does she create fabulous digital art, collage prints and more, along with weekly printable freebies! WOW!

Who am I talking about you ask? Her name is Debbie-Anne Parent with {DAP} Digital Art and Photography !  She also has this wonderful and informative website which is called Artsy Biz Chick, right here on blogger !  I have been reading these very detailed workbooks called  ABC Workbooks, This is something that she wrote and let me just tell y'all, they are awesome! 

So if you have been looking for a way to sell your craft and do it right, this is the place to start! 

And in case you aren't blown away by the wonderful workbooks (which you will be) just take a look at my header, she created that for me! I was looking for something new and different and through a web search, I landed on this site Ephemera's Vintage Garden (Vintage Printables, Prints and More). Together we were able to come up with this one of a kind banner, business cards, Facebook header and Artfire banner. 

So, visit Debbie-Anne, tell her hello and go read those workbooks.. they really helped me and I know they will help you too! 

Along with all these changes, you will see, what I hope to be new and exciting things to read about. 

Also, I'm bringing back the artist feature which will now be monthly. And, I will feature a different artist on both Artfire and Etsy! So, if you would like me to feature your shop.. message me here or you can drop me a line at cdowdle2(at)gmail(dot)com. 

I'm excited to get back to "work" now that summer is over!  

See y'all soon and thank you for reading my blog! 

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